Rick's "perfect" dream-girl isn't as understanding as Rick would like when he starts dating another woman.

Although technically a short film coming in at 35 minutes, The Girl of His Dreams is jam packed with drama, action and fun! The main cast is made up of Andria Blackman, Casey McDougal, Gregory Seymore, Alfred LoCascio, and Eric Bruno Borgman.
Andria Blackman displays gravitas beyond her years playing duel roles as Stephanie and Fanny.

Gregory Seymore plays "Chuck" everyone's favorite office worker and Rick's best friend.

Casey McDougal is Rick's real, down-to-earth girlfriend, who has to put up with alot.

Dr. LoCascio is played by Alfred LoCascio or is it the other way around?

Eric Bruno Borgman plays Rick, an idiot, stuck between two women and chased by a third.

The Girl of His Dreams Trailer #1